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Satellite Internet Is Right For You If…

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Satellite Internet Is Right For You If

You may have heard about satellite Internet and wondered if it is a good choice for you. There are many factors to consider when choosing your Internet service provider, the first one being what is available where you live. Satellite Internet is the only high speed Internet option that is available anywhere in the United States, as long as you can clearly see the southern sky from where you are. However, it is not always the Internet option that fits your needs best.

Here are some of the most important criteria that will help you determine if satellite Internet is right for you.high speed satellite internet

– You live in the country.

– Your town does not offer high speed fiber optic connections.

– You want speed without the high monthly bill.

– You don’t want to pay for installation.

– You use the Internet irregularly.

– You want the fastest speed available in rural America.

– You don’t play real time games.

– Unlimited access to the Internet is not important to you.

– You want to be able to enjoy the same online conveniences as Internet users worldwide enjoy.

– You can live with a monthly data cap.

Satellite Internet is the perfect solution for those who live outside areas served by cable and fiber Internet providers. It is also a great option for those who don’t want to pay a fortune for high speed Internet, although there are bigger plans for bigger needs. The things you do need to know about satellite Internet is that during extreme weather you may experience service interruptions; usually unnoticeable latency issues affect real time games so gamers should choose a different high speed option; and there are data caps on usage as dictated by the federal government.

The many advantages of satellite Internet far outweigh the disadvantages. Check it out today on

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19 Things Unlimited High Speed Internet at Home Lets You Do

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When you get an unlimited high speed Internet service at home, there are so many things you can quickly and easily do that you can’t do with dial-up Internet, or that are just difficult because you are using satellite Internet. Consider for a minute the many things that you can do without worrying about data caps, lagtime or slow connections. And after that you can check out some great CenturyLink Internet plans from CenturytelNet.


- Video chat anytime easily.


- Watch TV online for free.


- Download movies and stream videos without interruption.


- Do online banking.


- Make travel plans.


- Learn just about anything with online courses, instructional videos and other how-to options.


- Get immediate help with homework.


- Start a small business.


- Play real time online games.


- Get answers to any question practically anytime.


- Work from home.


- Find a new job.


- Save money with great deals you can get online.


- Invest your money.


- Discover new ways to recycle.


- Shop for practically anything regardless of where you live.


- Easily stay in contact with friends and family near and far.


- Download files, apps, software and more.


- Share photos, even big ones.


This is actually just the beginning of the many things you can do when unlimited high speed Internet from CenturyTelNet is what you have in your home. Say goodbye to Internet service providers that are holding you back and experience a solid, trustworthy high speed connection.


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Find the best options for Satellite Internet Service

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satellite internet dish from skyway usa

For those living in rural areas the options for high speed internet have been very limited until recently when both ViaSat and Hughes launched new satellite services. These options increased the speeds from satellite internet service providers by about 10x, with top speeds of 10mb and 15mb per second respectively for the services. You can find the best deals from Satellite Internet Providers from Satellite Informant who offers both of these services and even a deal on bundling with DIRECTV that allows you to get a $100 gift card back when you get both!
Within the past week another player has now come onto the market again offering new high speed satellite internet options as well, SkyWay USA. Their satellite broadband internet has options very similar to Hughes’ offering with speeds up to 15mbps. With all these options now, living in rural areas doesn’t mean you have to settle for slow dial up anymore.

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Which is Better? Standalone GPS or Smart Phone GPS?

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Which is Better? Standalone GPS or Smart Phone GPS?

Many smart phone users argue that mobile GPS applications don’t seem to work as well as their standalone GPS device. The reasons for this are not entirely because of the applications.

While GPS functionality on smart phones works well under many circumstances, there are several reasons a standalone GPS seems to perform better than many of the available mobile apps for smart phones and tablets.

GPS Hardware Capabilities and Limitations

Typically, a standalone GPS device is designed for one overall purpose. The GPS chips found in standalone devices are usually more powerful than those found in smart phones. A standalone GPS unit delivers faster location times and a stronger satellite signal because of this.

Smart phones and mobile devices are designed with mobility and portability in mind. They also include a variety of other functions not found on standalone GPS units. Because of their small size and number of capabilities, hardware space is limited. Many mobile device manufacturers use smaller, less powerful GPS chips within smart phones and tablets in order to accommodate the many hardware abilities found in the devices.

Difficulty with Mobile GPS Maps

While standalone GPS units have maps loaded from within the device, many mobile GPS applications require real time map loading by way of an Internet data connection. Map load times rely on the speed of the connection. Although this problem plagues many smart phone users, a few mobile GPS applications allow users to download maps for offline use.

Using GPS apps with this functionality will allow you store large databases of maps if your device has the space. In addition to this, these maps are often available in high definition satellite imagery, traditional road maps, or in hybrid form. While some mobile apps fall short of the abilities of standalone GPS units, mobile apps with this functionality actually add increased option choices for experienced GPS users.

What Do You Want to Do?

If you require the simplicity and dependability of a standalone GPS, you may prefer this type of device for road trips or faster location times. Even though the GPS capabilities of smart phones aren’t yet equal to those of standalone devices, they provide GPS functionality combined with many other useful features.

The GPS hardware of a standalone unit is clearly superior, but the added features of a camera, mp3 player, gaming device, and much more, may be worth dealing with weaker GPS signals.

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The Ideal Wireless Internet Solution for the Traveler

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The Ideal Wireless Internet Solution for the Traveler

Today there are so many people who travel for work or pleasure, those who travel by RV around the country or split their time between more than one residence. If you are a traveler, finding reliable, secure Internet access when you are on the go is a concern. Many providers don’t offer service in rural areas and few have good secure options for travel. However, there is an option that gives you the wireless Internet and convenience that you want no matter where you go in the United States.

Understanding Wireless Broadband Internet

While most people are aware of the different types of Internet service available – cable, DSL, satellite and dialup – far fewer are familiar with wireless broadband Internet. This is the anywhere Internet option that you simply plug into an electric outlet and you are ready to go. No wires, satellites or cables are required.

Wireless broadband Internet works uses cell phone towers throughout the country. The plug and play device that you get when you sign up for service means you can take your Internet connection with you no matter where you go. It is the perfect solution for boaters, campers and others who move around regularly.

A True High Speed Connection

Wireless broadband Internet service provides the always-on, always-ready connection that users appreciate in their Internet service. It can be do all the things you expect from a high speed Internet service, like downloading files, streaming videos and music, using VoIP, Skype, social media, web surfing and more. The true high speed connection is even responsive enough for fast twitch gaming.

The Pros and Cons

Satellite Internet is a great option for rural high speed Internet. It costs less and is faster than wireless broadband. However, it is not portable and if you have more than 1 home, you will need 2 different services, which quickly makes it more costly than wireless broadband.

Wireless broadband is not subject to the fair access policy that forces satellite Internet to put data caps in place. Instead you can choose from much higher data limits or even unlimited plans. The responsiveness of wireless broadband also lets you use it for gaming, unlike satellite Internet. It is also much more reliable for streaming movies.

As you can see, wireless broadband Internet is not flawless, but for the traveler it is the easiest, most reliable and best option for Internet service that is always where you are. Your own private web access is waiting for you.

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Wireless Internet— A Need for Every Rural Business

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Wireless Internet— A Need for Every Rural Business

These days there is no discounting the importance of the Internet to business. This need is in no way diluted for businesses that are located in rural areas. In fact, it could be stated that a rural business is more in need of a strong Internet presence and a reliable service provider than their urban counterparts.


The problem becomes that a rural business may find itself facing great difficulty in securing Internet service “out in the country” due to a lack of providers who service the area they are in and a lack of infrastructure to carry that service. If there are providers and an available infrastructure, the chances are that the systems are based on old telephone wire or aging cable TV networks that are unreliable and slow at best. For this reason wireless Internet has become a must have for any rural business who wants to survive and stay competitive.


Wireless Internet Options For Your Rural Business:

Wireless Internet service is an excellent option for many rural businesses. Working from cell phone towers, it takes advantage of much newer technology than may be available through the local phone or cable company. Another advantage of wireless Internet is that it requires no installation and has its own plug and play device which can be used anywhere. This is ideal for use when you are on the road.


Another option is to use a satellite Internet service. With a satellite Internet connection, you can set up a wireless network at your place of business. The system will need to be connected to a wireless router inside the building to provide coverage to all of the Internet devices your business relies on.
While the cost of installing Internet may seem high, consider this, you may be able to actual save money in a variety of ways. With Internet access you have more choice in suppliers, more avenues for finding customers, affordable outsourcing options and more. You can even choose to save on your traditional business phone line by going with a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone line instead.


Wireless Internet is a must have for today’s rural businesses. The world is getting smaller thanks to the Internet and the equipment supplier who once was able to count on the 100 local farmers to keep his doors open may be seeing some of those customers heading to cheaper sources online. If he does not find a way to get online and seek out new ways to operate and new customers to sell to he may soon find himself going the same way as the rotary phone.


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